Creamy Peach Smoothie

  HEALTH BENEFITS Peaches are a good source of nutrients including potassium, protein, and fiber, as well as […]

Purple Rain Shake

HEALTH BENEFITS Oat milk, low in fat and packed with fiber, creates full feeling, helping you stay away […]

Creamy Mental Boost

HEALTH BENEFITS Almond milk is a great source of calcium, beneficial for your bones and teeth! Bananas have […]

Mandarin Spice

HEALTH BENEFITS This smoothie is suitable for people who intend to lose weight and build muscle at the […]

Sunny Tropical

HEALTH BENEFITS Papaya, a source of vitamin C and E, gives your immune system a boost and, containing […]

Alkaline Immunity Juices

If your body is in optimal health, it is able to summon all the immunity-supporting nutrients and fight […]

Tropical Protein Shake

  HEALTH BENEFITS Vitamin C from the fruit, especially oranges and lemon, invigorates tired body after a strenuous […]

Green Health Fizz

HEALTH BENEFITS Apples contain antioxidants and can improve your blood because of the rich content of vitamins and […]

Scarlet Blitz

HEALTH BENEFITS The flavonoids in red grapes and apples act as powerful antioxidants, keeping the cancer and aging […]