Healthy Vegetable Juices

Orange Zing Makes 12 to 16 ounces (355 to 475 ml) Get ready to be surprised. Tomatoes and oranges are lovely together in this juice. 4 oranges 2 tomatoes 4 celery stalks 1. Cut the peels off of the oranges. Slice the tomatoes into wedges. 2. Juice the oranges, tomatoes, and celery together. Serve immediately. PJUICY TIP Celery’s organic sodium,…

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Vegetable juices can be really tasty. They definitely don’t all taste like canned tomato juice, and most combinations have a nice balance between sweet and savory. You’ll be surprised how some vegetables taste in juice and how well they combine together to make tasty drinks. Take time to find a go-to vegetable juice that you like and can make often.…

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