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Green Health Fizz


Apples contain antioxidants and can improve your blood because of the rich content of vitamins and minerals. Pineapple is a vitamin and mineral bomb which also strengthens your bones, being rich in manganese.

Aloe vera guarantees smooth skin, moisturising it and speeding up the healing of any scratches, whereas fennel will provide you with vitamin C and fibre. This will help you look good. Last but not least, ginger is a natural painkiller, sure to make you forget about any pain you might have and help you perform at your top. The vitamin C boost from different contents will certainly wake you up!

Green Health Fizz

An ideal accompaniment on a hot summer day. Adds the spark to your lazy day and refreshes your senses. Look sharp with this juice.


100g of pineapple slices

2 medium green apples, deseeded

1 fennel bulb

2cm ginger root, peeled

100ml aloe vera juice

sparkling water

a slice of lime



  1. In a juicer, mix the pineapple, apples, fennel bulb, and ginger root.


  1. Put ice in a tall glass and pour over with the juice.


  1. Add aloe vera juice and as much sparkling water as needed to fill the Serve with a slice of lime.

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