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Kiwi Green


Apples are beneficial in multiple ways, containing antioxidants and vitamin C. Kiwi is full of antioxidants and fiber, helping your digestive tract function properly. Lemon, a great alkalizer, also helps to get rid of any stomach disorders you may have and its citric acid also comes handy when trying to lose weight.

Kiwi Green

This nicely smelling red fruit shake hides a little amount of beneficial maca root powder, a great health enhancer that boosts both your body and mind. Perfect for sporty people facing a busy working period.


1 large green apple, deseeded

2 kiwis, peeled

1 medium cucumber

Half a lime, peeled, deseeded

A handful of spinach leaves ice


  1. Juice the ingredients and pour in a tall glass over ice cubes. Enjoy!

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