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Scarlet Blitz


The flavonoids in red grapes and apples act as powerful antioxidants, keeping the cancer and aging miles away from you. Carrots and cabbage add some glow to your skin and hair, helping to maintain its youthfulness. Flaxseed oil, as well as cabbage contain essential minerals and the former is also a great source of healthy fatty acids which keep your brain functioning and fat burning. Fibre found in apples and cabbage will help you prevent constipation and experience the feeling of full stomach for longer.

Scarlet Blitz

A refreshing juice mix for the whole body and mind boost. Cabbage, red grapes, apples and carrots will work wonders with your body and the flaxseed oil helps to maintain the top performance for your brain!


150g red cabbage

a handful of seedless red grapes

1 large red apple, deseeded

2 medium carrots

tbsp of flaxseed oil



  1. Juice the vegetables and fruit.


  1. Mix well with the flaxseed oil. Serve with ice.

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